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We service small to large  anywhere in the Bay Area, Contra Costa area and the Peninsula


Call 510-750-3219

Profit & Loss Statement Shredding & Disposal for Businesses & Individuals

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Profit and loss statements are essential documents for any business because they help track a company’s expenses, revenues and income in an easy to understand and high level overview. These statements are usually part of an owner’s report, can be used to guide business decisions and are almost universally used by all businesses.

Because these statements contain valuable information, it’s important they are properly disposed of after their use. Like other sensitive documents, profit and loss statements are a great example of documents which should be shredded to avoid a data leak.

Our company has decades of experience in the shredding business, and if you need to safely discard profit and loss statements then we’re here to help. In the sections to follow, you will find the answers to some common questions we receive about this valuable service.


What is profit & loss statement shredding?

Profit and loss shredding is a risk management technique taken by businesses to ensure their important data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or become public information. 


Why should you shred your old profit & loss statements?

Shredding profit and loss statements makes a lot of sense for businesses, and should be the preferred method of destroying these important documents after their use. Profit and loss statements are easy to read measurements of the health of a company, and they can be a clue to how the company is performing, which of their products or services are profitable and how they are spending their income. This information is all critical to your business, and could give your competition an edge if it became public. By shredding these statements, you remove this risk.


Why is it important to use a profit & loss statement shredding company?

We are happy to offer shredding services for many companies, and we pride ourselves on a high level of service for our clients. It’s important to outsource this task for a few key reasons. First, partnering with a professional shredding partner ensures your documents will be completely destroyed. Also, it frees up your team to focus on important tasks rather than worrying about shredding internally. We are also experienced and certified to work with any industry and company standards for disposal of documents.


What is our profit & loss statement shredding process?

We make it easy for our clients by offering different shredding services to meet the unique needs of any business. We can shred on-site, where you can see the documents being shred for absolute certainty, or we can schedule periodic pickups and shred off-site. If you would like, you can also drop off documents to be shredded at our facility. We shred completely and recycle everything we bring in, and we can make a plan to handle your company’s unique shredding needs.



We offer profit and loss statement shredding and the destruction of sensitive media for companies in the East Bay Area, including the cities of Hayward, San Leandro, Fremont, Oakland and San Ramon. If you have any shredding needs, please give us a call today.


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The most reliable solution for your company’s security is physical document and media destruction.


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