Large-Scale Shredding Services | East Bay Area: Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, CA

File Purges and Clean-Ups for Commercial, Business, and Residential

1 box or 1,000 boxes, we can handle clean-outs of any size, securely at your site. 

Document Shredding: We offer affordable pricing for secure pickup shred service, shred while you watch on site services or drop-off paper for shredding

Hard Drive Shredding & Destruction: Have your drives and media destroyed by our experienced staff at your own building or facility while you watch.  This is the only way to ensure your files are safe even if deleted, wiped or magnetized.  Don’t risk your  data being compromised.   

Other items for shredding include:

* Floppy Drives
* Back-up Tapes
* CD’s and DVD’s
* Sensitive e-Media Waste

A “clean up” is a one-time clean out and shredding of files, records, or electronic media either from a storage unit, business office, or residence. 

A one-time shredding service can be anywhere from 1 box to hundreds of boxes or media depending on the size of your location.

Our Shred process will ensure complete destruction of your documents and electronic media making them irrecoverable.

100% guaranteed way to destroy your data

The most reliable solution for your company’s security is physical document and media destruction.

Flexible service options available:

  • On-Call Basis: You call us to let us know your containers are almost full so we can schedule a pick up 
  • Regular Service: After a trial period a regular date is set up for the pickups eliminating you having to call in each time.
  • Drop Off At Our Location: Delivered to our facility in Hayward
  • One-Time Service/Pickup: Let us know what kind of material you have to be shredded and we arrange to securely shred it at your location


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