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We service small to large  anywhere in the Bay Area, Contra Costa area and the Peninsula


Call 510-750-3219

Bank Statement Shredding & Disposal for East Bay Area Businesses & Individuals

Serving the East Bay Area: Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, San Leandro, San Ramon, CA

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a reliable shredding company in your local area. Jessica’s Shredding Team provides high-quality shredding services to our clients. We specialize in bank statement shredding and take great care to ensure the secure destruction of your sensitive information.

What is bank statement shredding?

Bank statement shredding is the process of securely destroying old bank statements to prevent them from being used for identity theft or financial fraud. Bank statements contain sensitive personal and financial information such as account numbers, transaction history, personal information, and other details that can be used to access your accounts or open new ones without your consent.

Why should you shred your old bank statements?

You should shred your old bank statements to protect sensitive personal and financial information. Bank statements contain information that identity thieves can use to steal your identity or commit financial fraud in your name.

By shredding your bank statements, you can prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands. Shredding ensures that the documents are destroyed and cannot be reconstructed or used by unauthorized individuals. It is an important step in protecting your privacy and preventing identity theft.

In addition, shredding old bank statements can help you declutter your home or office and free up space. Instead of holding onto old documents that are no longer needed, you can securely dispose of them and create a more organized living or working environment.

What is our bank statement shredding process?

Our bank statement shredding process at Jessica’s Shredding Team is designed to ensure the destruction and secure disposal of your sensitive information. We start by collecting your bank statements at your location or our facility, using secure transportation methods to keep them safe during transport.

Once we have your documents, we use advanced shredding technology to destroy them completely. Our shredding machines are designed to cut documents into tiny pieces, making them impossible to reconstruct. We follow strict security protocols throughout the shredding process to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

After shredding, we provide a certificate of destruction as proof that your bank statements were securely disposed of in compliance with all relevant privacy laws and regulations. We also recycle all shredded documents, ensuring that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our bank statement shredding process is designed to give our clients complete peace of mind when protecting their sensitive information. We take great care to ensure the confidentiality of your data and follow strict security protocols throughout the process.

How long should you keep old bank statements?

The length of time you should keep old bank statements depends on your specific circumstances and the type of statements you have. Keeping bank statements for at least one year is generally a good idea. You may need them to verify transactions, reconcile your accounts, or file taxes.

For more important documents, such as loan agreements or tax returns, you should keep them longer. For example, you should keep loan agreements for the duration of the loan and tax returns for at least seven years. Of course, these time frames can vary depending on the specific regulations in your area, so it’s always a good idea to check with a financial or legal professional for guidance.


If you’re in the greater East Bay Area, including Hayward, San Leandro, Fremont, Oakland, and San Ramon, please contact us today to schedule your bank statement shredding appointment. We provide our clients exceptional service and peace of mind when securing document destruction.


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